Nvidia Graphics as standard


Our Custom Gaming Laptops & Desktops come complete with dedicated Nvidia graphics, so every explosion, crash or cast looks as good as it can! Choose from the nvidia gefore GTX840m to the GTX880m - have it your way!

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Intel inside

Intel 'i' Series CPU

When it comes to performance, Intel's 'i' series of CPU's really is in a league of it's own, with quad core processing and hyperthreading capabilities, along with 'Turbo-boost' technology, effectivly overclocking when you really need it, they were the obvious choice.

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Microsoft Windows as Standard


The simple fact that there are more games available for Windows than for any other platform makes Microsoft's Operating System a no brainer for our custom gaming laptops & PCs. And as our machines are custom built you can choose which version you want.

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Gaming Laptop

The best components, hand assembled by our experts.

Our Custom Gaming Laptops & PCs aren't put together by machines on a conveyor belt, they are put together with the care and attention that only an expert can provide. Configure your Custom Gaming Laptop.

Gaming PC

Custom Built computers to your specification.

We believe your PC or Laptop should be as individual as you are! With our 'Design Your System' you can choose from a great range of options, or you can call us on 01603 400200 and choose every individual component! You really can have it your way! Configure your Custom Gaming Desktop.

High end gaming graphics

Raid ready. Race ready. Battle Ready. Checkmate.

All of our systems, both laptop & desktop, come game ready, with the latest drivers installed and the latest updates applied. Also, on our machines the operating system is hand installed, and completely free of bloatware - just turn on, install your favourite games and start playing! Configure your Custom Gaming System.